K a l i  K l a s i k a l 
Ang Landas ng Isang Malayang Mananandata
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“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”
~ Henry David Thoreau
Kalis Ilustrisimo in Manhattan and Jersey City
About the Art
   Kalis Ilustrisimo which means 'The Sword of Ilustrisimo" is based on the sword fighting methods that have been with the Ilustrisimo family for generations before it was named after the Great Grand Master Antonio Ilustrisimo, the most revered and celebrated master of the art.  

About Mananandata
   Raul Marquez is a lifelong student of Ilustrisimo. He began his study and practice from the Great Grandmaster himself, followed by the Elders, the Vanguards and among his peers.  He was a dedicated practitioner of several Japanese and Chinese martial arts until being exposed to Ilustrisimo after which these other systems had to take the back seat. His interest in other arts was quickly eclipsed by a newfound passion for the Filipino sword art of Ilustrisimo.  However, the experience and knowledge of these martial arts paved the way for a genuine appreciation of a truly magnificent blade art.

About Training
   Group and class training is now available to the public. Fill out and submit the Student Application Form to request training. Those who will be admitted will be included on the Student's List and will receive an email about the schedule (time and place) of the training. Others will be placed on Waiting List.

Send all inquiries about training to training@mananandata.com. 
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